DNM Company was founded in 1986 by Dimitrios Papagiannis. Very soon it took over a major role in the market, since it stood out for its construction quality and its friendly approach against customers and suppliers. The evolution, innovation and inexhaustible passion made DNM one of the most reliable companies in its field. Combined with its authentic Greek identity it evolved in one of the leaders in the domestic zipper production, and self-ligating film marketing.

The development of DNM is a result of continuous modernization and investment in skilled personnel. The company’s philosophy is and will always be, the perfectionism of product quality. As a consequence expectations are rising! So today, it reaches the goal of full vertical integration of production, while its modern production lines ensure flexibility, economy and promptness of delivery, since the daily zipper output reaches the number of 30.000!

Get to know the grate range of DNM products, the irresistible prices and find out for yourselves the difference in the communication code and deadlines.